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September 2019

Happy 31st Birthday to us!


Happy 31st Birthday to us! A whole year has passed since our big 3-0 and what a year it’s been! Paramount continues to go from strength to strength, since the company was founded in September 1988. Building on a humble investment of just £3,500, determination, and a whole lot of faith, Paramount has developed from [...]

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What is Flexitarianism and Why Should I Care?


What is a Flexitarian? A flexitarian diet or semi-vegetarianism is primarily plant-based with limited meat intake. This flexible plant-based approach can be adopted for a range of reasons, including health benefits and environmental motives like reducing your carbon footprint. Flexitarianism can be as little as having one meat-free meal a week or as much as [...]

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April 2018

Paramount’s Holly Smith Completes Paris Marathon


Fitbit fanatics would be envious of the steps clocked up by Paramount’s Holly Smith in the months leading up to her marathon. The marathon alone at 26.2 miles (42.2km) clocks up roughly 40,000 steps (depending on your gait) and Holly managed a whopping total of 64,000 steps by sunset on Sunday, 8th April, 2018!   [...]

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February 2018

BFFF Sustainability Leader Award Winner 2018!


We are delighted to announce that our colleague Brennan Green has won the Sustainability Leader Award at the 2018 BFFF (British Frozen Food Federation) People Awards. Brennan has been involved with Paramount for nearly 20 years as an Advisor to the Board, and in that time has transformed the company’s environmental management with passion, dedication [...]

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January 2018

Paramount Launches Five New Gluten-Free Products


We are proud to announce the launch of a delicious new gluten-free product range which has been inspired by the latest food trends. Our NPD team have developed five new innovative and on-trend, gluten-free, vegan and seafood products. GLUTEN-FREE With around 1.3 million Britons on a gluten-free diet, the demand for gluten-free products and menus [...]

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Paramount is Celebrating Veganuary


With 2018 upon us and thoughts focussing on New Year’s Resolutions, some people are dipping their toes in veganism by committing to the diet for the month of January. In 2016 the number pledging to join Veganuary rose 260% compared to 2006.* This year looks set to break further records proving that veganism is no [...]

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December 2017

Paramount Triumphs at The Caterer Product Excellence Awards


We couldn't be happier to announce our three awards from The Caterer Product Excellence Awards. We entered two products and are delighted to not only win with both products, but to win the Winner of Winner’s Food and Drink Award as well! This is a brand new award and is only given to one company in [...]

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Gluten-Free Smoked Fishcake wins Silver Award


We are very pleased to announce that our Gluten-Free Smoked Haddock & Mozzarella Fishcake has won a Silver FreeFrom Eating Out Award this year! The FreeFrom Eating Out Awards exist to encourage innovation and celebrate freefrom excellence in the foodservice industry. Compromising on taste is simply not an option for our passionate NPD team when developing new [...]

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October 2017

Paramount proudly sponsors Homeless in Teignbridge


Homeless in Teignbridge Support (HITS) are a lifeline for those in crisis in the Teignbridge community. We are looking forward to supporting them and our first ‘mission’ has been to sponsor one of their distribution vans to help them with their visibility and charity awareness in the community. Based in Teignbridge, HITS work with homeless [...]

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September 2017

Community: Fundraising at Fishstock – 9th September


After weeks of preparation and planning for all weathers (!), a handful of Paramount volunteers set up our stall at the Fishstock Festival in Brixham. We sold Jack Sprats, Fish & Chip Shop Bites and Mac ‘n’ Cheese croquettes and are donating 100% of the proceeds to the Fishermen’s Mission. It was a very long [...]

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