We’re excited to announce all three of our best-selling whitebait products are now sustainable, with Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. This means you can be sure that these tasty little fish have come from fisheries that have been independently certified as well managed and sustainable.

The range is also now available in full-colour retail-ready packaging. These packs are brilliant for offering greater flexibility, with the ability to split cases down and sell by the bag. They’re perfect for cash and carry, home delivery, farm shops and delis. And even for walk-in customers looking to take an extra treat home.



F2606 | MSC Blanchbait

F0582  |  MSC Whitebait  |  20 x 454g
MSC-certified whole uncoated whitebait

F0893  |  MSC Gluten-Free Coated Whitebait  |  18 x 454g
MSC-certified headed and gutted whitebait lightly coated in gluten-free breadcrumbs

F2606  |  MSC Blanchbait  |  18 x 454g
MSC-certified whole whitebait, coated in crispy breadcrumbs



F0582 | MSC Uncoated Whitebait

  • Quick-to-serve – cooks in just 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Great margin with 3 to 5 starter portions per bag.
  • A firm favourite on British menus.
  • Brilliant for tapas, starters and sharing dishes.
  • Perfect for takeaways, festivals and street food.
  • Our Gluten-Free MSC Coated Whitebait (F0893) is headed and gutted, perfect for customers who don’t like to eat whole fish.
  • And our Uncoated MSC Whitebait (F0582) is brilliant for adding your own flavoured crumbs, flours or batters.



F2606 | MSC Blanchbait

As well as having all-new packaging, our best-selling whitebait now has Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification.

We recognise the urgent need to encourage and develop better fishing practices for the management of global fish stocks and their future. Moreover, we believe that sustainable sourcing and responsible fishing has to be the main focus for companies in the seafood world and we have been at the forefront of this for many years.

That’s why we actively promote products that contain seafood from MSC sources or other sustainable fishing standards, as well as from aquaculture farms that are well managed and sustainably run.

‘Sustainable fishing means leaving enough fish in the ocean, respecting habitats and ensuring people who depend on fishing can maintain their livelihoods.(MSC)

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