It’s World Vegan Day on Monday 1st November which kicks off World Vegan Month. It’s no secret that the plant-based movement is here to stay, so with this special month putting the spotlight on plant-based once again, why not use this time to review and refine menus. Keep reading for our top tips on perfecting your vegan offering.

F0916 Spicy Sweetcorn Fritters – vegan and gluten-free

Make your menu shine!

Are your veggie loving customers excited by your menu? Are the options strong enough to tempt the part-time vegans to choose those dishes?

Diners with dietary requirements will often be the decision makers on where to eat out, so if you’re vegan offer isn’t up to scratch or, is the same thing you had on the menu two years ago, chances are you’re missing out on extra revenue.

Data shows 25% of diners would choose a vegan dish when eating out but are frustrated by lack of options (CGA’s Food Insight). So take a look at your menu, add something new or revamp an existing dish with an exciting new twist to make your menu really shine!


F0333 Luxury Veggie Burger – vegan and gluten-free

Don’t assume all vegans are 100% healthy

It’s a common misconception that vegan customers only eat vegetables and salad. We’re sure they do, sometimes, but everyone loves a bit of indulgence. We love double stacking our Luxury Veggie Burger with layers of vegan smoked cheddar in a toasted vegan brioche bun with tomatoes, pickled red onions, lettuce and vegan chipotle mayo, all served with seasoned fries on the side!




F0867 Chip Shop Bites
– vegan and gluten-Free

Consider your competition

Have you checked out the local competition including what’s available for delivery in the area? In January alone, vegan orders jumped 163% on delivery apps and data suggests 70% of the public would be more likely to order from delivery apps if they had a wider choice of healthy options (Deliveroo).

Most meat-reducers are doing so for health and environmental reasons and plant-based diets are often perceived as ‘healthy’. Reviewing your competition might reveal that you need to step up your game or, that there aren’t many vegan or healthy options available.

With takeaway and delivery likely to maintain much of the market share it has gained, don’t miss an opportunity! Filling this gap could give you the competitive edge both in and out home.


F0865 Red Pepper, Bean & Aubergine Chilli – vegan and gluten-free

Build from vegan bases

We know space back-of-house is limited, that’s why using a vegan base is a great way to save space and satisfy your vegan, veggie and meat-eating customers. Try offering vegan products with the option to ‘add’ other proteins. Not only will you save on freezer space and prep time, you’ll be able to keep menu items minimal and use proteins you already carry.

  • Start with a vegan Sweet Chilli Falafel wrap and offer halloumi as an extra
  • Serve our Pea & Mint Fritters topped with feta cheese for veggie customers or, top with a pan-seared scallop for a show-stopping starter dish
  • Offer the option to build on our vegan Butter Bean Sweet Potato & Spinach Stew with local sausages, chorizo and a poached egg or, a locally caught hake fillet
  • Use our Red Pepper, Bean & Aubergine Chilli as a vegan version of chilli con carne for a main course, as a topper for nachos for a sharing dish and as a filling for nachos for a light lunch option


For more information on our vegan range, to find your nearest wholesaler or to request a call back from a member of our sales team, contact us on [email protected].