Today is World Creativity and Innovation Day, a day created by the United Nations to raise awareness of the role creativity and innovation has in all aspects of life.

As you know, the foodservice sector is bursting with creativity and we want to celebrate that! From product development to fusion cooking, fine-dining to street food, it’s an exciting time to be in the industry and we love seeing the incredible creations food businesses produce. Keep reading for a few areas of innovation and creativity we love.

Quick Thinking Innovation
This year has certainly been the year of innovation for many food businesses. With so many restrictions in place, foodservice operators have had to think on their feet to move with the ever-changing rules. We’ve loved seeing the imaginative spaces that have been created, from igloos and huts to fire-side alfresco dining and socially distanced picnic areas, not to mention the incredible restaurant-quality cook-at-home kits that have been developed.

Street Food Dinerama Shoreditch Food Hall
Street food has gained huge momentum and popularity over the past few years. Innovation is at its core, born out of a deep love of food and often with a story to tell. It’s the entire theatre of the experience that makes street food so popular – passionate people, perfected recipes, artisanal cooking methods and visually appealing dishes.

Unforgettable Experiences
The foodservice industry are experts when it comes to creating memorable experiences and the collective creativity knows no bounds. Whether that’s providing top-notch customer service, creating edible art on a plate, fusing cuisines, designing a beautiful space or creating a secret bar behind a hidden doorway – foodservice has it all!

New Product Development
Trend watching is key to our product development and is often where a new concept begins. Inspired by global and market trends, often starting with small independent restaurants and streetfood vendors creating a buzz and doing things differently. Each of our recipes are carefully crafted in our kitchens by our team of highly creative and innovative chefs.

That’s just a few areas surrounding creativity and innovation and barely scratches the surface. For more, check out this article on 40 food innovations you should know about.