Paramount holds sustainability and responsible practices at the heart of what we do. This year we’re proudly removing black plastic from all of our UK products.

Why is Black Plastic a Problem?

1 million tonnes of plastic packaging ends up in landfill every year, often because it can’t be recycled. The majority of black plastic packaging is difficult to recycle, as it is coloured using carbon black pigments, and the Near-Infra Red (NIR) technology widely used in waste processing plants can’t detect these pigments. This means black plastic packaging is often disposed of in landfill or incinerated.

White plastic is fully NIR detectable, making our new white plastic trays fully recyclable.

We constantly review the environmental impact of the processes and materials we use, and moving from black to white PET trays helps us to ‘close the loop’ – ensuring materials are recycled rather than being disposed of. This is especially important whilst viable alternatives to plastic that meet our requirements for freezing, storage and cooking are yet to be developed.

How Does Removing Black Plastic Benefit Your Business?

There’s a lot of pressure on businesses to become more sustainable and reduce the waste they produce. By introducing white plastic trays you can reduce the amount waste going to landfill.

Not only will the move away from black plastic have a positive impact on the environment, but you can meet the sustainability expectations of customers and boost your reputation as a sustainable business.

What Are We Doing to Reduce Waste Going To Landfill?

At Paramount, we’re passionate about being as sustainable as possible: we’ve been recycling 100% of our non-food waste since 2015. We constantly work to reduce the amount of food waste produced, and any remaining food waste goes to anaerobic digestion.

To find out more about our range of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and seafood products, give us a call on 01626 837650 or request a brochure here.