What is a Flexitarian?

A flexitarian diet or semi-vegetarianism is primarily plant-based with limited meat intake. This flexible plant-based approach can be adopted for a range of reasons, including health benefits and environmental motives like reducing your carbon footprint. Flexitarianism can be as little as having one meat-free meal a week or as much as only eating meat on rare occasions.

Recent YouGov research suggests around 14% of the population consider themselves to be flexitarian. With the freedom to still eat meat, this approach is becoming increasingly popular as it can easily fit around different lifestyles and health conditions.


Why do people become Flexitarian?

With the rise of environmental consciousness and our impact on the world, many people are choosing to reduce their meat intake to lower their carbon footprint. There has been a lot of media coverage highlighting the environmental impact of the meat industry and calls for people to change their lifestyle and eating habits to become more carbon neutral. As a consequence, more and more meat eaters are experimenting, exploring meat-free diets and opening themselves up to the wide range of vegetarian and vegan options now available.

Another reason for adopting a flexitarian diet is its associated health benefits. Recent studies have found that consuming too much meat, particularly red meat such as pork, lamb and beef, can lead to a higher risk of cancer, heart disease, and other health problems. Health experts suggest the consumption of red meat should be limited and processed meat should be avoided where possible. By choosing to eat more meat-free meals, the amount of meat intake can be reduced, reducing health risks whilst still enjoying exciting plant-based meals.


Why should I care?

As a chef or an owner of a pub, restaurant, takeaway or café, why should you care about the rise of flexitarianism?

With the growth of all plant-based diets increasing, just one meat-free choice on the menu simply isn’t going to cut it. Customers are expecting more variety than a vegetable risotto or a spinach and ricotta cannelloni dish. Meat-free dishes should be just as inventive and exciting as meat dishes, with regularly changing offerings and innovative ingredients.

Exploring flexitarian food will allow you to offer a more interesting and varied menu that both meat-eaters and non-meat eaters can enjoy. By keeping your menu on-trend you will be sure to attract a wider customer base. Flexitarian diets are particularly popular within the 18-24 age bracket, so these menu options will not only draw a younger crowd, but keep them coming back for more.

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