Fitbit fanatics would be envious of the steps clocked up by Paramount’s Holly Smith in the months leading up to her marathon. The marathon alone at 26.2 miles (42.2km) clocks up roughly 40,000 steps (depending on your gait) and Holly managed a whopping total of 64,000 steps by sunset on Sunday, 8th April, 2018!


HITS – Homeless in Teignbridge Support:

All these thousands of steps have been run in order to support one of Paramount’s chosen charities, HITS – Homeless in Teignbridge Support. They provide a lifeline for those in need and work with families in crisis to prevent homelessness.

The people that HITS help come from all walks of life and include those who are homeless, ex-service personnel, the elderly, families in poverty, disabled people, ex-offenders and many others.

There are many reasons people may be faced with homelessness including bereavement, mental health issues, relationship breakdowns, debt, job losses, domestic abuse and more. Homelessness can happen to anyone, but with charities like HITS around, we know support is out there for those that need it.

HITS’ team of wonderful dedicated volunteers collect and distribute food and other goods, as well as providing mentoring and advocacy on a case-by-case basis, supporting the community and helping people cope with life’s struggles. The distributed goods are based on food bank donations, collaborations and collections from local food manufacturers and supermarkets, including Paramount. Not only does this benefit those who are in need, but it ensures that good food and toiletries do not go to waste.  

Paramount are proud to support HITS and we congratulate Holly Smith on her hard-won achievement. To date, Holly has raised a fantastic £1,125 of her £2,000 target. If you would like to contribute to her fundraising, please visit


HITS Foodbank is Registered Charity Number 1097540.