The initiatives we have followed within our Environmental Policy have delivered considerable cost savings and have improved our energy efficiency significantly over the past three years, and further improvements are targeted going forwards.

Reduction of waste in our processes and use of packaging are also important areas that we will now focus on as a business.

We are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint and our impact to the environment. At our Heathfield factory, we have worked hard to reduce our carbon footprint with practical measures, such as:

  • Reduction in electricity consumption: The target set for 2009/10 was 10% reduction against total for 2008/9. The actual saving achieved was 18.1%.
  • Reduction in gas consumption target for 2009/10 was a saving of 5%. The actual achieved was nearer 52.9%, due to an investment in more efficient boilers and machinery.
  • Reduction in Water/Effluent KPI target for 09/10 was a target of 10%. We achieved an actual saving of 12%.

Carbon TrustWe are working with The Carbon Trust Audit to make further reductions for the next year and the findings are being reviewed by the EEF. We are also working in partnership with our customers and suppliers towards reductions in packaging waste, through a reduction in volume, weight and through increased recyclability.

Since relocating to Heathfield from our Brixham site in 2006 we decided to run a subsidised minibus service twice daily for factory staff. 5 years later we are still running this invaluable service which helps lower our carbon footprint.

Paramount’s efforts have been recognised by a wide number of relevant authorities and our success acknowledged by a number of awards such as:

 Manufacturing Award Finalist2013 Manufacturer of the Year Finalist